Best Selling Alcohol & ANTIBACTERIAL Wipes

Effectively eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria & viruses + remove oil 

Malaysia's No.1 Choice For Wipes

75% Alcohol Classic Wipes
Antibacterial Classic Wipes (0% Alcohol)
Toilet Tissue Wipes ( Flushable)
Kitchen Wipes

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Best Selling 75% Alcohol Wipes

Effectively eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria & viruses + remove oil 

Travel essential

Your cleaning buddy on-the-go for peace of mind

Daily Companions

Our wipes allow you to not just clean your hands but also all the other hard surfaces. Here are some that you shouldn’t miss out on.


Alcosm pays extra attention to the details to make sure you get the best quality – from packaging to the material, to the ingredients used.

Antibacterial wipes 0% alcohol

Toilet Tissue Wipes

Fits perfectly in your pockets, and is super easy to bring along anywhere. Now you can travel on the go with peace of mind that your personal hygiene is covered at your bottoms!

Natural Plant Extracts
Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Aloe Vera

OK to Flush
Break down like toilet paper in water

For Your Bottoms
PH-balanced formulation to clean & soothe

Palm-sized Packs
Mini packs great for cleaning on the go

Gentle on Skin
Free from fragrance, parabens, alcohol

Menstrual Care
Keeping intimate area clean and fresh

Better than dry, Scratchy Tissue

Suitable for all – made with plant-extracted ingredients to keep your intimate parts clean & sanitise at all times. “Feel Cleaner Than Tissue” with bacteria-free and nourishing bottoms. Helps with skin irritation, pain or dryness.

3X Effective in Removing Oil & Stain

Kitchen cleaning is now made 3X easier! They are also made extra large and thick for wider surface cleaning. Additionally, with plant-extracted cleaning ingredients, it can pick up unwanted dirt, oil, and stains while being gentle to the hand. No gloves needed for these wipes!

Personal hygiene with alcosm

We believe that good hygiene is a critical component of quality life. With the rising significance of keeping our hands and surfaces clean, our primary focus is to protect people of all stages from hygiene related threats and risks.

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