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With a broad ranges of Wraps, Pita Pockets, Flatbreads and Pizza Bases, Mission Bakery products are suited to many different occasions and cuisines. 


We inspire health through food & empower people to be
smart in nutrition.

Making Better Choices Easier with Mission Food Range of Wraps

A Convenient Food Solution
As consumers become increasingly health-conscious and demand more nutritious food, this Mission range will help them make better choices.

Mission Supersoft Wraps

Mission Supersoft Wraps are the perfect canvas to turn ordinary dishes into culinary creations the whole family will love, in just minutes. Mission Wraps are soft and pliable when heated making it easy to wrap and roll anything from chicken rice to last night’s leftovers.

Mission Healthy Wraps

Mission Foods has range of healthier choice consisting of three healthy variations:
Reduced Carb, Chia and Quinoa.

Both the Chia Wraps and Quinoa Wraps are aligned with the broader consumer trend which sees seeds and grains gaining mainstream appeal, and fits the rising demand for vegan and vegetarian products, raw and paleo diets. They are also a source of fiber and protein.

For consumers seeking to lower their carbohydrate intake, Mission Foods has the Reduced Carb Wraps, which, per serving, contain approximately 95.6% less carbohydrates than one bowl of long-grain white rice.  

Mission Mini Wraps

Mission Mini Wraps range in three flavors are supplied to all leading supermarkets in the bakery aisle alongside Mission’s existing range of wraps, naan, pita, and pizza crusts. 

Oh-so-cute resealable packaging, smaller 5.75 inches wraps, available in 3 flavors –
Tomato, Wholemeal and Original.

Mission Pizza

Available in two flavours – Plain and Wholemeal, the crispy thin pizza crusts have the signature Mission taste, and are made using the finest ingredients for that authentic Italian taste.

Mission Naan

Mission’s authentic Naan breads are made using the finest ingredients and are delicious as an accompaniment to curries and spicy dips. With a variety of flavours, there’s a Mission Naan Bread to suit every taste.

Wellness Badges:
- Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
- Halal Certified

Tortilla Chips

Mission authentic Corn Chips are made with 100% real corn - an ideal alternative for a healthy, tasty snack. They also have 30% less oil than regular potato chips and come in a range of unique flavours including: Original, Cheese, Tomato, BBQ, Butter & Garlic, Hot & Spicy

Mini Wraps - Mission Food

Mission Foods, everyone’s favourite tortilla wrap brand has launched a range of fun-sized wraps just for kids. Smaller in size but monsterrific in taste, the all-new Mini Wraps is set to excite kids and parents alike with three great flavours and super fun illustrated monster packaging. Eenie, meenie, miney moe, catch a Monster by its toe!

Mission Food Campaign

To mark World Foods Day, Mission Foods joint forces with celebrity Chef Sarah Benjamin in both Malaysia and Singapore, to launch the “Foldover Your Leftovers” campaign. The campaign revisits the old adage “Waste Not Want Not” and aims to inspire people with nifty ideas on how to turn leftovers into brand new delicious meals.

Supersoft Wraps Launch

Introduced Supersoft wraps into the respective markets. As part of the efforts to introduce this new range to the general public, a campaign that promotes the benefits of the product, soft and yet strong characteristics was conceived and launch on International Women’s Day on 8th March.

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