Pets Sanitizer

QuantumG main active ingredients are made of Copper Ionic, Nano Silver and Titanium Dioxide. By nature, these elements are proven to be effective against bacteria & virus elimination.

With our QR-TAC™ & QR-C™ technologies enhancement, our products that are infused with a proprietary Quantum Energy are capable to vanish 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and microbes in just less than 60 seconds.

QuantumG™ product is proven as a safe to-be-used product for pets as it passed skin irritation, eyes irritation, oral toxicity, and inhalation toxicity tests by the accreditable laboratory.

good for wound
and skin.

Suitable to be applied on pet:

Mop Pet Room
Pet Pee Touching Pets
Pet Toy Pet Sick

Water Based
Pet Sanitizer


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